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Jason Joyce
April 29, 2021 | Jason Joyce

Talking Calcareous Soils and Diurnal Swings

   As part of the Paso Robles Cab Collective Cab Camp for Somms, I was on a panel talking about Calcareous soils and diurnal swings and how they make Cabernet from Paso unique.  Upon rewatcing, I seem to be brining some "unique" energy here.  Been thinking for a while about what are the characteristics of a Paso Cab that make them stand out. What makes them different from a Northern California or Washington Cab.  I have my opinions.  Overall a fun talk and you get to hear from a few of our neighbors as well besides just being forced to hear me talk the whole time.  Enjoy!

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Jason Joyce
April 23, 2021 | Jason Joyce

2020 Viognier and 2019 ZSM

    The summer 2021 wineclub is coming out and here are a couple of the wines being released.  Our 2020 Viognier is a slightly new take on Viognier as I get more comfortable experimenting with the varietal and different fermentation vessels.  The alterante red for this club is our unique ZSM blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot.  This wine really shows off what is possible in Paso Robles as we don't have to follow convention.
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Jason Joyce
March 27, 2021 | Jason Joyce

Spring 2021

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Jason Joyce
March 25, 2021 | Jason Joyce

2017 Signature Cabernet

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Jason Joyce
March 18, 2021 | Jason Joyce

2018 Lloyd

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Jason Joyce
March 17, 2021 | Jason Joyce

2017 Vinum Demere

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Jason Joyce
February 28, 2021 | Jason Joyce

Harvest Rose

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Jason Joyce
February 8, 2021 | Jason Joyce

2011 York Mountain Cab

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Jason Joyce
January 28, 2021 | Jason Joyce

2011 Syrah

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Jason Joyce
December 16, 2020 | Jason Joyce

2018 Tres Violet

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