Jason Joyce
May 27, 2021 | Chalk Talk | Jason Joyce

2019 Devil's Canyon Syrah

    The final installment of me tasting the Summer 2021 club wines.  This time, the 2019 Devil's Canyon Syrah that I'm a bit too excited about.  As you can readily tell, I don't really plan these out or have any idea about what I'm going to say. I just start rambling on, I mean look at that crazy look in my eyes here!   Maybe I should be more profesional, get a producer and some hair product.  Then I could go viral and become a celebrity wine influencer that travels around and speaks at panel tastings and seminars.  Maybe I could get some gigs being a consultant.  Wow, the power of the internets could transform my life! But then I wouldn't have time to actually make wine and wander around our vineayrds and be present in life...  Well, sorry you'll just have to keep watching these unprofesional videos as I think I'll stay being just a normal winemaker. Cheers



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