Jason Joyce
February 21, 2024 | Chalk Talk | Jason Joyce

Spring 2024 Wine Release

Introducing the 2023 Vin Gris, 2022 York Mountain Pinot Noir, 2022 Grenache, and 2022 Zinfandel!

If you're thinking about purchasing, or better yet, pulling the cork on one of our new spring releases, I invite you to sit down, click on each of the wines below, and taste along with me. I'll review the vintage with you, and the results it had on how we farmed the land and the techniques I used in the cellar to produce the finest wines our calcareous soil could provide.

And in these videos, I'm also excited to show off our new wine labels! After decades of producing noteworthy, collectible, and truly distinctive wines, we realized along the way that our wine labels never quite reflected the beauty and quality of what was inside each bottle. So this refresh was past due, and we are excited to give our members first access to these new wines donning our new look in this club exclusive pre-release. In my 2022 Zinfandel video below, I tell you a little more about why we designed them the way we did, so be sure to check it out. I hope you'll check out all the videos, and I hope you enjoy these new wines!

Head Winemaker, Jason Joyce


Click on each wine above to watch the video!


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