Jason Joyce
October 12, 2011 | The Vineyard, Winemaking | Jason Joyce

A New Friend

   As a winery grows, the most pressing concern on the wine making side is how to expand production without loss of quality.  The key reason quality can differ as growth takes place is the choice of new vineyards.  In that spirit, it has taken 3 years of patience to find another Chardonnay vineyard here in Paso Robles that we felt comfortable with.  The 2011 vintage marks our fist attempt to get to know this place.  (People commonly claim that the French word Terroir has no translation to English, I disagree.  To me it means place, as in "It's almost as if that building is of this place."  Writing this blog has reminded me that the English language can be as beautiful as any if used with consideration.)  

    The only comparison I can find to this type of nervous excitement is a first date.  When all possibilities are still available, your dreams framing what could be.


         Am I So Lucky?                      

Are You As Grand As This Place?


What Have You To Teach?


Can We Capture This?


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