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Jason Joyce
June 21, 2011 | Chalk Talk, The Vineyard, Winemaking | Jason Joyce


(View From The Top Of The Top Of The Property)

Oh my, summer has finally decided to show up. After all the craziness, like rain the first week of June, it now feels like Paso. After the cool wet winter and spring, the horrendous frosts, all the what nots and who's fors in the vineyard, things are right where they should be. June 21st and the fruit is set on everything but a couple sections of Mourvedre and Cab. The heat that is hitting right now is like flipping the turbo on; the vines seem to be just exploding. It's exciting to see and the daily morning walks in the vineyard have begun.
I firmly believe that the winemaker needs to spend as much time actually in the vineyard as possible. That to me is the whole purpose of having the vineyard and the winery on the same property. So, from this day forth, my assistant winemaker and I (and Abbie and Salty) will spend the first part of every day walking the rows. Seeing the daily changes is the only way to really put oneself on the same time cycle as the plants. Yeah, you can sit in an office and start reading number off of various probes and data collected by others. But that doesn't let you understand the vintage. To feel the dew, fog, sun, soil and wind the same way the plants do. This is where the understanding comes from. This is where the plan comes from. This is where the great wine comes from.


A.P.'s Gravatar
@ Jun 24, 2011 at 8:26 AM
"To feel the dew, fog, sun, soil and wind the same way the plants do. This is where the understanding comes from."

- Tell it, brother.

Jason's Gravatar
@ Jun 27, 2011 at 11:34 AM
You are not supposed to be reading this. I fear too much of this type of wine talk will bring on some form of reckoning somewhere just past the break at Sandollar Beach, forcing me into a long uncomfortable swim. But that's good, keep me grounded here good doctor, this business can get awfully stuffy and full if itself without outside reality checks.

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