Jason Joyce
September 27, 2012 | Chalk Talk | Jason Joyce

Huevos Hoy

   The miracle sight today!

  Two little brown eggs signified that all our work with the chickens this spring is coming home to roost, so to speak.  Funny what a magical feeling it is to see suddenly an egg sitting in the nest box.  Once a few more are collected, the big first omelette of harvest will be created. 

    We also pressed out our first Syrah fermentation today. So I guess it is time to continue my series of press photos.  We pressed some Grenache Blanc before this but for some reason clear juice makes for a much more boring photo!  Anyway, here is the creative outlet of our Block 6 Syrah:

     One thing interesting to notice is the incresed amount of solid material streaked with the wine as compared to the pinot photo below.  The Syrah spent over 20 days on skins and macerated at negative brix which means a high ethanol percentage in the must.  This ethanolic maceration is much rougher on the grape material.  The pinot on the other hand was pressed out at 6 brix and only spent 12 days on skins.  There was obviously a lot less breakdown of the skin in the pinot which indicates a less heavy extraction. 


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