Jason Joyce
September 22, 2011 | Chalk Talk | Jason Joyce

Are We There Yet?

I've been a bit quite lately.  I was assuming most people don't want to read lengthy discussions on proper tank and bin cleaning techniques.  Or perhaps I could have made a video of me and cellar team hand labeling Estate Cabernet.  Also a webcam following around Rory as he topped barrels and checked sulfur levels could have been exciting.  Instead, I gave you nothingness.  But that is all about to change.

    Yes, it is happening.  Fruit is arriving.  And probably won't stop arriving for a long time.  The York Mountain Pinot comes off on Monday.  We are ready.  A heat spell hit this week with contstant temperatures in the 100's.  Not a good time to be picking a thin skinned grape like pinot that can dehydrate quickly.  So we wait out the heat, give the vines a couple of days to recoup in the onshore foggy breaze from the mighty Pacific.  Then we go and harvest before sunrise.  So nothing to do this weekend except rest, relax, contemplateprepare, then go..


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