Jason Joyce
February 4, 2011 | Wine Opinions | Jason Joyce

Awesome, Some Dude Talking About Wine

I'm not looking to blow minds here, or start any wine revolution.  I simply love the job I have, the place I work, and the connection that wine has to the world as I see it.  Winemaking is a true renaissance craft.  It's a justification of every teacher I had who claimed that what they had to share would impact my life.  Geography, chemistry, biology, philosophy, geometry, literature, beekeeping...  It all has its place in this world of using vines to make a beverage.  The trick I guess is not to allow one belief rule the others.  Accept the shortcomings of each way we attempt to solve problems so that you are informed by as much influence as possible.  That's as good a one sentence description of my winemaking philosophy as I can come up with.  I always worried what would a jack of all trades, master of none do in this world of increasing specialization.  All around me, I see people pursuing narrower and narrower world views in an attempt at achieving exactitude.  I've always been adverse to that, and will gladly accept being a non-expert.  I have always been seeking an outlet that allows for all intakes.  Well, with winemaking and this beautiful land in Paso Robles, I have found it.  So check back every now and then as I will try to share an all encompassing view of wine.  Not just a review of senses and methods, but as a tool of expressing what we as a people have learned.  



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